Mindless Puppets

Mindless Puppets

Mind Shredder

Everybody Lies1. Everybody Lies
Mindless Puppets2. Mindless Puppets
Hate Is The Answer3. Hate Is The Answer
Release Me4. Release Me
Paranoia5. Paranoia
My Perfect Hell6. My Perfect Hell
Still Alive7. Still Alive
Hate Me Love Me8. Hate Me Love Me
The Pawn March9. The Pawn March
I Am Worse Than You10. I Am Worse Than You
Run Hide11. Run Hide
Happy Lonely12. Happy Lonely
The Enemy13. The Enemy
Till I Get You14. Till I Get You
The Time15. The Time
Let Your Body Fly16. Let Your Body Fly

Mind Shredder
Mindless Puppets
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Mind Shredder -   Mindless Puppets
Mind Shredder - Mindless Puppets

Moon Records industrial Mind Shredder

Mind Shredder -  Release Me
Mind Shredder - Release Me

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